Meet Your Mutt is the world’s first human and dog matchmaking service. In the case of dogs and their owners, opposites definitely do not attract.

Adding a dog to your family is a long-term commitment, and can be very scary! There are over 150 breeds to choose from! Should I go to a breeder or rescue? Will the dog I choose get along with my family? Will they be comfortable in my small condo? Will my existing pet get along with the new addition? How often do I have to walk them? I love hiking and swimming. Will my dog love these activities as well? Just like humans, ever dog has a unique personality. Making the decision which one to adopt can be very overwhelming!

Meet Your Mutt makes the process of getting a new dog stress-free. We will meet with your family, conduct an extensive personality questionnaire outlining  your lifestyle, expectations, and needs, and then introduce you to the dogs that will be the best fit for you and your family!

We will be with you every step of the process from the initial consultation to bringing your new dog home. We even offer complimentary training afterwards to ensure the transition for both dog and human is a pleasant one.

Meet Your Mutt keeps dogs and humans happy, helps to prevent future behavioral problems, and most importantly, keeps dogs out of shelters and humans out of therapy!

Our extensive breed knowledge, experience training dogs of various temperaments, energy levels, and personalities, and years of living in both urban and rural environments will guarantee that we will find the perfect dog for your family. 

There is no such thing as a perfect dog, but there is definitely a perfect dog for you!

Every Meet Your Mutt package includes:

Initial Meeting & Assessment:

This is the first step and most important part of the process!

One of our expert Muttmakers will come to your home and meet with your family. You will be asked questions about your needs, wants, expectations, family environment, favorite activities, work schedule, and much more! The advantages of adopting from a breeder vs. a rescue will be discussed, and our Muttmaker will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

It's kind of like filling out an online dating questionnaire, but a lot more fun! After the meeting, our Muttmakers valuate all the information provided and create a personalized profile just for you!

Dog Meet & Greets:

Once your Muttmaker has created your personalized rofile, it's time to start looking at potential family members! Whether you plan to get a puppy from a breeder or adopt a rescue, Meet Your Mutt will arrange for meet and greets with specific dogs we believe would be a perfect match to your personality and lifestyle.

Your Muttmaker will be on hand (either by phone or in person- your choice!) to answer all questions that arise while you're visiting the dogs.

Whether it takes you 2 days or 2 months to find that perfect dog (for you), Meet Your Mutt will be there every step of the way. We will join you on the day you bring your new friend home to ensure an easy transition for both human and dog.

Post-Adoption Training:

It's very important that you begin training your new family member the moment they arrive at home!

Your Muttmaker will be there on the first day to answer all the important questions, and help you with the essentials including housebreaking, crate training, basic commands, and boundaries.

Meet Your Mutt will also provide all of our clients 2 free follow-up sessions to address basic commands, concerns, behaviour modification, or fun stuff like doggie sports or trick training.

Lastly, our clients have access to life-long phone consultations. If you have questions about your dogs training, nutrition, or any concerns at all, call us! Our goal is to ensure that all dogs and humans are happy and fulfilled.