Pups n’ Tots is taught through group classes, monthly workshops and privately in client’s homes.

Pups n’ Tots is a Parent and Child Program that encourages a safe, compassionate, fun and everlasting bond between your baby and dog.

We currently have three classes available:

Babies (0-12 months)

  • Establish reliable obedience and manners with your dog for both in the home and out

  • Learn about the similarities and differences between raising a puppy and baby to ensure effective communication and engagement

  • Set boundaries and safe spaces in your home for both dog and baby so they feel confident and secure

  • Learn daily games and activities to do with both baby and dog to establish and maintain a respectful relationship

  • Discover how to begin the process of teaching empathy and a love for animals at a very early age

Early Movers (12-36 months)

  • Similar to the Babies program, we teach our dogs and toddlers how to effectively communicate with one another and form an unbreakable bond.

  • With the introduction of walking and language, the relationship between baby and dog often changes! Ensure this is a smooth transition by teaching both family members (human and canine) respect, empathy and self-soothing techniques.


  • Set yourself up for success before you bring home the little one!

  • Establish wrought iron obedience and manners

  • Prepare your dog for all the changes to come in a fun, positive way.

  • Learn the best methods for introducing your new baby to your dog.

  • Make sure your dog doesn’t get pushed aside when life gets crazy with a newborn. We’ll go over everything to consider from changes in family dynamics and house rules to daily routines/activities.


Classes are available throughout Toronto!

All group classes are $200 for 6 weeks. Please inquire about hosting a class in your home.

Pups n’ Tots also hosts Workshops, Pop Ups and backyard Junior Trainer Camps (kids 4-10 years old). Contact us for more info or to host a camp at your home.


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