Pups n’ Tots is taught through group classes, workshops and privately in home consults.

Pups n’ Tots is a Parent and Child Program that encourages a safe, compassionate, fun and everlasting bond between your baby and dog.

We currently have three group classes available:

Babies (0-12 months)

  • Establish reliable obedience and manners with your dog for both in the home and out

  • Learn about the similarities and differences between raising a puppy and baby to ensure effective communication and engagement

  • Set boundaries and safe spaces in your home for both dog and baby so they feel confident and secure

  • Learn daily games and activities to do with both baby and dog to establish and maintain a respectful relationship

  • Discover how to begin the process of teaching empathy and a love for animals at a very early age

Early Movers (12-36 months)

  • Similar to the Babies program, we teach our dogs and toddlers how to effectively communicate with one another and form an unbreakable bond.

  • With the introduction of walking and language, the relationship between baby and dog often changes! Ensure this is a smooth transition by teaching both family members (human and canine) respect, empathy and self-soothing techniques.


  • Set yourself up for success before you bring home the little one!

  • Establish wrought iron obedience and manners

  • Prepare your dog for all the changes to come in a fun, positive way.

  • Learn the best methods for introducing your new baby to your dog.

  • Make sure your dog doesn’t get pushed aside when life gets crazy with a newborn. We’ll go over everything to consider from changes in family dynamics and house rules to daily routines/activities.

Expectant Parents Workshop

Congrats! Your dog is going to have a baby human sibling! There is nothing more beautiful that witnessing the unshakable bond between a child and dog, but is your dog prepared for all the changes that are quickly approaching? This 2 hour private workshop ensures that the relationship between baby and dog is rooted in safety, respect, calmness and empathy from Day 1. Learn how to set up your house in advance, how to do initial introductions, establish reliable obedience, sample daily routines that incorporate baby and dog, bonding games, effective communication strategies and much more.

Expectant Parents Handbook

Is your schedule too busy to participate in a 2 hr workshop before baby arrives? Our handbook outlines all the information covered in the workshop in great detail including daily training exercises, protocols, DO’s and DONT’s and tips for establishing a lifelong love for animals in your babe from infancy. Purchase of the handbook allow provides access to one month of unlimited e-mail support with a professional trainer to address any questions or challenges that may arise.



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