Private Training and Behavioural Assessments

Meet Your Mutt specializes in everything from basic obedience to behavioural modification for anxiety, insecurity, aggression and other fear-based behaviors. Private sessions allow you to receive one-on-one instruction in your home with custom training plans.



Let us find the perfect dog for your family, experience and lifestyle. Find out more about the process here

Pups n’ Tots

Parent and Child classes that encourage a safe, compassionate, fun and everlasting bond between your baby and dog. Three classes currently available: Babies (0-12 months), Early Movers (12-36 months) and Pre-natal. 

Walk & Train

Let your dog get his daily exercises while learning obedience and manners simultaneously. Every "Walk & Train" session is a min. of 1 hour and includes:

  • structured socialization and play with other dogs
  • obedience training to reinforce basic commands (sit, down, stay, come, drop it, etc.)
  • introduction to new people, dogs, and locations every day to increase confidence, eliminate any anxiety or fear, and create a well-balanced, calm, and happy pet.
  • individual attention and training for challenges specific to your dog (leash pulling, jumping, barking, aggression, etc.)
  • a daily email report summarizing the activities of the day, outlining the training completed, and tips for your family to maintain everything your dog has learned.


Our trainer’s board client dogs in their home while their parents are away. Since we’re familiar with their behaviour, we can ensure their stay is relaxing, rewarding and stress-free.

S.O.A.R Program

Meet Your Mutt's unique S.O.A.R program is a 4-week curriculum that establishes reliable obedience, addresses behavioral issues, builds confidence, solidifies your bond with your dog, and sets in motion proper manners, structure, and a bulletproof foundation.

S - Structure and Leadership
O- Obedience
A- Advocacy, Trust and Respect
R- Relationship Building

Virtual Support

Sometimes finding time to meet with a trainer regularly is difficult! Or perhaps you don’t live in Toronto? Our trainers offer virtual support via phone or Skype to answer all questions, offer support and ensure you stay on track.

Puppy Primer

Are you planning on adopting a new pup? Meet Your Mutt’s Puppy Primer makes sure that you start off on the right paw from Day 1. Learn how to establish healthy routines and boundaries, introduce basic obedience and manners, tackle crate training and housebreaking and learn what to expect as your puppy goes through different developmental phases on their way to adulthood.


90-Day Online Boot Camp

Meet Your Mutt has developed a 90-Day Boot Camp that covers reliable obedience, leash pulling, eliminating triggers, creating good habits both at home and out and offers e-mail support for individual questions. 

Each week, a new lesson and homework will be e-mailed to you with videos, photos and step-by-step instructions and goals. Gamify your dog’s training! Get positive results and increase your bond in just 90 days.